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Affiliate Program

About LEVL

LEVL was founded by furniture industry veterans with over 50 years combined experience. Gamers in our own right, we realized that other brands have always put the gamer second and we wanted to change that. LEVL is the first gaming chair company to offer a no risk 60 day trial + free returns on all seating series. LEVL Gaming has the best chairs in the business and we have a guarantee to prove. Find out more about LEVL Gaming on our about us page.

  • Earn up to 10% on each sale you send to LEVL – 5% on desks/accessories and 10% on chairs
  • Quick and easy application process
  • 60 day tracking with use of cookie
  • Custom referral links for each affiliate
  • Payment every 30 days via Paypal
  • Affiliate dashboard with real-time reporting
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Apply to become a LEVL affiliate through LeadDyno. Once approved you can place the LEVL graphics and links to on your site and start making money right away. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.


General Affiliate Info
  • LEVL Affiliates may be individuals or businesses
  • All sales tracking is handled through LeadDyno
  • All affiliates must follow LEVL Gaming Affiliate Terms of Service found here


Affiliate Terms of Service

We require that all LEVL Gaming publishers adhere to the following standards. We're very excited to form a partnership with you and we’re available to help ensure your success. If you have any questions, please email

Brand Representation

All affiliates must maintain a high quality, professional and functional website - as deemed by LEVL Gaming. Additionally, any materials promoting LEVL Gaming, including banners, videos etc must represent LEVL Gaming in a way that is consistent with our high brand standards. Basically, anything we deem to degrade our brand in any way is not allowed.

Publishers may not represent themselves as, or as a dealer for any of the brands we carry. They must have a unique URL (including domain, subdomain or any component of the url) that does not contain, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of LEVL Gaming or trademarked names.

Publishers may not serve any LEVL Gaming products through their shopping cart.

LEVL Gaming will not accept affiliates that operate a website or have links to websites that contain or promote any of the following content: gambling, adult/sexually explicit, pedophile, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, or any other content that is deemed offensive and inappropriate.

All sites that contain affiliate tracked links to must be disclosed in publisher’s details with LeadDyno.

Promotional Messaging

Publishers are prohibited from misrepresenting LEVL Gaming promotions including; coupon offers, shipping offers and discounts. We highly encourage publishers to use the JavaScript banners and text ads that will automatically update with the current promotion. If publishers use the static HTML banners to communicate a promotion, they must be updated as soon as the promotion ends.

Pay Per Click Bidding

While we allow PPC bidding, when bidding on search engines, publishers may not bid on, misspellings or variations of our trademarked company name. These include but not limited to:, LEVL Gaming, LEVL Chairs, LEVL Gear,, LEVL. Bidding on LEVL Gaming related coupon terms are prohibited as well. The same restrictions apply to PPC Ad Copy.

Additionally, publishers are prohibited from representing themselves as authorized dealers of the brands we carry, through PPC or otherwise.

All publishers PPC ads must click to a publisher owned URL and may not click directly to

Comparison Shopping Engines

Publishers are prohibited from syndicating LEVL Gaming product to comparison shopping engines or other marketplaces.

Pop-Up, Pop-Under, Re-Directs and Software

Publishers may not use site re-directs, pop-ups or pop-unders that link to We do not allow publishers to use customer downloaded programs of any type to promote Using software of any kind to promote products is strictly prohibited.

Email Marketing

All email communication representing LEVL Gaming must be pre-approved by LEVL Gaming and must be CAN-SPAM Act compliant.

Tax/ Social Security affiliates may be an individual or a business. Upon registration, individuals will be required to enter their Social Security Number. Businesses will be required to enter a Tax ID number. Accurate address information is required for approval.


Commissions will be paid at the end of each month. We pay 5% for desk/accessories and 10% for chairs. Below are more details:
1. We use cookies to track users who have clicked on your link, so they will need to be using cookies for us to track them.
2. If a person doesn't allow cookies or clears their cookies then we can't track them so can't pay earnings on that person's activity.
3. We use a First-Click Attribution model for crediting a referral. If a person clicks on your referral link and then later they click on someone else's, yours is the one that counts.
4. If a person clicks a link, they have two months before the cookie expires. If they sign-up and make a purchase within that time, we will pay your Affiliate Program earnings. After 2 months, no Affiliate Program earnings apply.
5. Earnings appear in your affiliate dashboard and are in real-time.
6. If a user has visited before you refer them or has an existing account with us and then clicks a referral link, it doesn't count.
7. Returned and canceled orders are not eligible to earn commissions.